Retirement Planning

It’s time you enjoyed the convenience and piece of mind that comes from having an experienced financial professional work for you. For generations, Fulton Online Bank has been helping our customers build a better way of life. Our Trust Department is competitively priced and offers a wide variety of trust and investment products.

Retirement Advice:

  • The challenges of running a business don't always leave enough time for business owners like you to plan your life after work. That's why CIBC provides access to business and investment specialists who can help by offering retirement advice and a wide variety of investment solutions that will grow with you and your business.

    We can help you build a balanced approach to meeting your financial needs, including:

    • Setting your retirement goals
    • Building your portfolio
    • Making the most of your RRSP
    • Diversifying for the long term

    Your Retirement Checklist

  • - Profit Sharing Plans
  • - Pension Plans
  • - 401(k) Plans
  • - Flexible Benefit Plans (Cafeteria Plans)
  • - Keogh Plans for the self-employed
  • - Traditional IRAs
  • - Roth IRAs
  • - Simple IRAs for small businesses
  • - Cash Management Portfolios